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SD2IEC PCB arrived

2 weeks ago I designed a PCB for my SD2IEC. Last Friday I received them in my mailbox. I took the schematics of ShadowWolf and used the online design tools on to draw the schematics and design the PCB. … Continue reading

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This weekend I bought some hydrogen peroxide gel from a local store. And started to retrobight the top covers of an Amiga 1200, C128 and a vic 20. First I cleaned the case parts very good with a toothbrush so all … Continue reading

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Vic-20 Cartridge came with the mail

Today I received a Vic-20 cartridge I bought from on the internet. The Speed Math/Bingo Math (VIC-1933) Cart. A nice addition to my collection.

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VIC 20 with s-video

Sunday 27th September I modified my VIC 20. Now it has s-video output. The Modification.

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New member to the family, A VIC-20

Today I collected a VIC-20. I swapped 2 Commodore 64 computers for one VIC-20. The VIC-20 is the predecessor of the Commodore 64. The VIC-20 specs: CPU MOS 6502 at 1 Mhz (1.108404 Mhz for PAL and 1.02 Mhz for NTSC) 20Kb … Continue reading

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