In 1991 I bought my first Amiga with monitor, it was the Amiga 500 + and the 1084 monitor.
The Amiga 500 + was the upgraded version of the Amiga 500.
It had the new ECS chipset and could address 2 Mb chip memory instead of 1Mb.
It also contained the new kickstart 2.04, that gave me a lot of compatibility issues, so within a month I added a kickstart switch with a 1.3 kickstart rom, so I could select between them.

Later on I purchase a GVP SCSI drive that could be mounted to the side of my Amiga, and added some memory.
other modifications I did were was adding a bootselector and a switch to override the audio filter.

The bootselector was needed as the 5.25″ floppy discs were cheaper (and I had some still from my commodore 64 time) and the computer club I visited every month, had boxes of software on 5.25″ floppies that you could borrow (and copy).

The Filter switch was a simple switch that could short the gain and source pin of both fets (Q321 and Q331) that switched the filter on and off.

Recently I found a old Amiga 500 (rev 5.) that I took home from work some time ago (I worked at a repair shop that was moving to another building, so all systems that were not collected back by the customer were thrown away), and wanted to enjoy the old memories,  but after more than 20 years, most of my old discs are gone, and the ones I still have complain that the amount of memory in my Amiga is not enough.

So, I need to do the following steps:

  • Upgrade Memory
  • Bootselector
  • external drive with a Gotek usb drive emulator (with modified firmware)
  • install an audio filter override switch

later on I probably will do more modifications on my Amiga.

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