Compucase 64 Project

The Compucase 64 project

When I bought this system, it was not functioning.
The power switch seemed to be broken.
So using a external C64 supply I could start the C64.

The Compucase 64d as I bought it


The system still had some issues that I need to look at:

– kernal rom on c64 and drives have bad connection (wires disconnected and sockets have bad contact)
– not isolated mains connection to transformer is only 1mm from metal casing.
– simple 7805 circuit for 5 volt (when the 7805 dies due to overheating it can kill all chips by over voltage)
– bad power switch as already mentioned above
– 3 power supplies (1x C64 2x 1541) generating lots of heat.



Project steps.
– Create new kernal roms
– Create ESP Wifi tool to select drive/kernal settings
Create 50hz signal for TOD to make up for the lose of the 9Volt AC.
– Replace power supplies for 1 switched power supply (losing 9Volt AC)
– Remove External power cables.
– Add SD2IEC (optional)
– Add +60K (optional)
– Add extra memory drives (optional)
– Add Supercard plus to drives (optional)
– Add video to vga converter internal (optional)