Commodore 64

Commodore 64 mainboards

Below is a list of all (none prototype) mainboards know on the internet

PCB ID: 326298-01
Model: C64
Schematics: 326106
Released: 1982
board 326298
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: KU-14194HB
Model: C64
Schematics: 251022
Released: 1982/1983
image source
PCB ID: 250407-04
Model: C64 A(CR)
Schematics: 251138
Released: 1983
board 250407
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250425
Model: C64 B
Schematics: 251469
Released: 1984
board 250425
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250441-01
Model: C64 B-2
Schematics: 251469
Released 1985
PCB ID: 250466
Model: C64 B-3
Schematics: 252278
Released: 1986
board 250466
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250469
Model: C64
Schematics: 252312
Released: 1987
board 250469
image source Ray Carlsen’s

4 Responses to Commodore 64

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve got a C64 with the motherboard ASSY No> 250407 Artwork NO. 251137 Rev B. Did you want images of it? (its in fairly rough shape)

  2. Johan says:

    Dear Jeroen,

    Is there a 250441 board out there.

    Cheers, Johan

    • Jeroen says:

      Dear Johan,

      There are references to this mainboard, but sofar nobody has seen it.

      So if they exist in a very small quantity or they are never released.


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