Commodore 64

Commodore 64 mainboards

Below is a list of all (none prototype) mainboards know on the internet

PCB ID: 326298-01
Model: C64
Schematics: 326106
Released: 1982
board 326298
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: KU-14194HB
Model: C64
Schematics: 251022
Released: 1982/1983
image source Bram
PCB ID: 250407-04
Model: C64 A(CR)
Schematics: 251138
Released: 1983
board 250407
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250425
Model: C64 B
Schematics: 251469
Released: 1984
board 250425
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250441-01
Model: C64 B-2
Schematics: 251469
Released 1985
PCB ID: 250466
Model: C64 B-3
Schematics: 252278
Released: 1986
board 250466
image source Ray Carlsen’s
PCB ID: 250469
Model: C64
Schematics: 252312
Released: 1987
board 250469
image source Ray Carlsen’s

4 thoughts to “Commodore 64”

  1. I’ve got a C64 with the motherboard ASSY No> 250407 Artwork NO. 251137 Rev B. Did you want images of it? (its in fairly rough shape)

    1. Dear Johan,

      There are references to this mainboard, but sofar nobody has seen it.

      So if they exist in a very small quantity or they are never released.


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