Starting to clean battery damage on my Amiga 500+

corrosion on the battery
corrosion on the battery

A big problem that old computer systems have is leaking batteries.
The acid that gets free causes the copper conductors to corrode and when nothing is done the computer will stop working.

So yesterday I started to clean the damage caused by the leaking battery on my Amiga 500+.

First I opened my Amiga and completely disassembled it.
While doing this, I noted how the floppy drive power is connected.
Connecting it the wrong way will damage the drive beyond repair.

20160419_215557When the mainboard was out, I cut out the battery and then I cleaned all green corroded parts with concentraded lemon juice to neutralize the acid from the battery.
I then used a tooth brush to clean the affected parts and afterwards I dried the board and use pure alcohol to clean the part that I cleaned.

20160419_215431I still havened tested if she still works as I wanted to be sure that the mainboard is dried up.

Next step will be replacing the 7400 series chips that are corroded as I want to be sure that all corrosion is gone.

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