Wrong LCD

I was building a list of LCD monitors that were able display the 15 kHz images by searching on the internet.
I wanted to place the list on my website, but last week I bought a LCD monitor that should support the 15 kHz.
After testing it at home, I got the message that it did not support the frequency.
The monitor I bought was a Samsung Syncmaster 710N.

So I decided that I won’t publish the list.



2 thoughts to “Wrong LCD”

  1. Hi.

    I bought a Samsung 710N with the same intentions, turn it on my Amiga 1200. I also have a micro MSX line that has the same “problem” of output RGB 15kHz. However the MSX the monitor works perfectly, I used a scheme found on the internet and made the cable. However this cable did not work on the Amiga. Most do not throw the monitor out, it works at 15kHz, only need a cable to synchronize C_Sync.

    If I use a GBS 8200 board the cable works, then the problem must be in the cable circuit

    1. Hi I also bought a used Syncmaster 710n on ebay, i wonder if you could better explain the c_Sync Signal, did you have any schematics in order to create a db23 to dsub 15 vga adapter to leit the monitor work with the amiga 1200?
      Thx in advance!!!

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