Amiga VGA Cable (with GBS8200)

I don’t own a monitor for my Amiga, so I wanted to connect her to a VGA (lcd) monitor/TV.
I tried several way to get this done, but so far I didn’t got it to work.
Only the composite output of the Amiga was working, but I wanted to have a color image.
So I tried a Amiga to scart cable, but my TV didn’t accept the signal.
Next I tried a Amiga to VGA cable, but this also didn’t work (none of my LCD monitors accepts a 15 kHz video signal.
I looked for another lcd, but I couldn’t find one, so I ordered a GBS8200 video converter on ebay and created a simple Amiga to VGA cable that I could hook up to the GBS8200, The GBS8200 then is connected to a VGA monitor.
For the cable I took an old VGA cable and cut it in halve.
Then I connected the R,G,B,C-sync and GNG to the 23-pin Amiga video connector.
This gave me a reasonable image on my lcd monitor.
Only I had some random white pixels on my screen.
I found on the internet that this had to do with the speed of the dram chip used on the GBS8200.
Maybe I will fix it later, but for now I’m happy.



3 thoughts to “Amiga VGA Cable (with GBS8200)”

    1. Hi Rasco,

      I needed to search the cable as I’m now mainly busy with the C64.
      The cable is assembled as follows:

      amiga pin vga pin Signal
      10 680ohm 13 c_sync
      3 —— 1 Red
      4 —— 2 green
      5 —— 3 blue
      17 —— 5 ground



  1. thank you, works 🙂

    I also have Commodore 64, I thought to make a cable to it too, but probably it can not be done (only probably in C128)


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