Repair Help

I often use chip pinouts and schematics when I repair computers.
For this I normally search on my website, but sometimes I need files or information that I don’t have on my site.
So I created a little program to help me with this task.

The program is build as a repair tool that holds several schematics and chip pinouts.
When hovering the mouse over the schematics, you see the location of the chip on the PCB image.
Clicking on the chip will (generate and) show the pinout of the chip.


All schematic info and pinout info is stored as a text file, so new schematics and pinouts can be added.
The program has some issues, but I’m not a programmer.

If you’re a programmer and would like to take over the “Repair Help” project, please contact me.

The Repair Tool can be downloaded “here” and is for windows 7 and up (needs .net 5.0 runtime), use is at own risk.

2 thoughts to “Repair Help”

  1. Excellent program ! I wonder if you could associate notes with each chip? Very helpful in its current form. Thank you !

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