Added a A1200 to my collection

18 August I bought an Amiga 1200, my fist 1200 I ever owned.
I had the choice to get a nice white Amiga Technology A1200 or a yellowish Commodore A1200.
I choose the yellowish A1200 as the internal HD was still running and the board doesn’t have the Escom drive fix (making the drive incompatible with some demo/games)
The Amiga also contained a GVP 1230 (Jaws) 68030 board with 4mb memory and another 4mb 68020 (Blizzard 1220) card.

The Amiga was used until 2006 by a local broadcast company in Tilburg.

A1200 (Image not of mine A1200)
A1200 (Image not of the A1200 I bought )


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