Battery damage part 2

Yesterday I finished the cleaning of my Amiga 500+.

Cut out chips (and still some corrosion)
Cut out chips (and still some corrosion)
Chip pins removed
Gary socket removed

Last week I removed the battery and neutralize the acid from the battery with lemon juice.
This time I Removed the 7400 series chips that are in the affected area so I can also clean the circuit board below the chips.
After removing the chips I still see some corrosion, so I cleaned it with a toothbrush.
When I finished cleaning, I placed some sockets and placed some new chips back.
When done with the chips, I pull the Gary from her socket and start removing the old corroded socket.
When removed, I again clean the circuit board with a toothbrush and place a new socket.
I Didn’t had a 44pin socket┬áso I used a 40 pin socket and cut a part of another socket for the remaining pins.
After reseating the Gary I reassembled the Amiga and powered her up.
The 2.o Kickstart welcome screen is shown on my TV ( in color ­čÖé )

Gary back in her “new” socket

While doing some more testing, I found out that I couldn’t type “dir”.
the R key did not respond. after a quick test I found that the keyboard was not responding on two columns, the column with the R and the column with the T key.
So next mission for this Amiga is to check the keyboard and repair/replace it.

To be continued

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